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At Ignite2X, we embrace your vision and make it reality. We bring experience, expertise, creativity and a powerful strategic process to your business. We’re a team of marketing experts with a track record of turning brands into household names.

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Embrace What’s Possible

Embrace What’s Possible

Like the brands we serve, our agency is continually growing in countless ways, driven by the ever-changing landscape of consumer trends, omnichannel selling platforms, marketing resources and services we provide, and the needs of our clients. When we first cast open...

Embracing the Nourishing Wellness Movement

Embracing the Nourishing Wellness Movement

In a world where health-conscious consumers are increasingly prioritizing personal well-being and seeking to elevate their overall wellness through better food choices, food brands are needing and beginning to follow suit, responding with more products that are...

The Unrivaled Force of Emotion in Advertising

The Unrivaled Force of Emotion in Advertising

In the dynamic world of brand marketing and advertising, where countless products are vying for shoppers’ attention, the power of emotion stands tall as an unrivaled force.  While the importance and value of establishing an emotional connection with target consumers...

our approach

turning good into great with a customized approach

Homework: Intelligence Gathering

Knowledge is power, and we do our homework to ensure that we understand the macro and micro issues affecting the industry, the category, the competition and all sales channels. And we find out everything we can about the consumer – demographics, lifestyle, media habits, purchase behavior and the emotional triggers that inspire and motivate them to take action.

Thinking: Insights, Strategy & Planning

Think about it. That’s what we do next. We take the time to think through all of the research findings and surface insights and understand what they mean for our client. We determine what is actionable, what is doable, and what is the best way to achieve our goals. This learning informs our strategy and the marketing plan.

Doing: Activation

Where the rubber hits the road. Whether we are going to market with a new product, repositioning a brand or executing a sales-building campaign, we implement the plan using the most effective tactics, whatever those might be. We’re media agnostic and hands-on, and we use a mix of media and a variety of marketing elements to effectively deliver results.

Doing it Better: Measurement & Learning

Always be learning. We assess how things are going during each campaign, to make adjustments as needed, and complete a thorough post-campaign analysis to identify which elements were most successful. This learning is used to develop best practices to apply moving forward.