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Like the brands we serve, our agency is continually growing in countless ways, driven by the ever-changing landscape of consumer trends, omnichannel selling platforms, marketing resources and services we provide, and the needs of our clients.

When we first cast open our doors, we were smaller, filled with courage to share our point of view, insurgent in our thinking, creative and insightful, with the planning and executional firepower of larger agencies – but with an added dose of passion and commitment.  Today those same qualities and energy continue to run deep among our team, but on an even higher level.  Our focus has also become even more client-centric, as we’ve evolved into more than just an agency with great brand building capabilities but a trusted partner delivering sound strategies and growth opportunities for our clients.  All that said, we decided it was time to step back and assess our own brand identity to ensure it accurately embodies the spirit of who we are and what we offer as an agency today.

Since ‘who we are’ is ultimately determined by the caliber, passion, and culture of our team, we engaged members of our staff to join in on an inward look into our agency fiber to ensure we were accurately capturing the essence of the IGNITE2X brand.  From our exploratory sessions, it readily became apparent how much we had grown as an organization – not just in terms of number of clients and staff size – but from the depth and breadth of services we provide.

Today we are a larger, more dynamic team that…

  • Has decades of insightful, hands-on experience building successful brands using traditional, digital and experiential marketing solutions that generate measurable, scalable results
  • Understands the challenges brand marketing teams face every day, providing turnkey support and partnership every step of the way to ensure goals are met, and on time
  • Looks at client brands holistically to develop stronger, more effective strategies
  • Leverages a consumer-centric approach at every step – from targeted relevant brand platforms to moving shoppers through the funnel with engaging programs
  • Has expertise across a swath of categories – CPG, food & beverage, pet, alcohol beverages, office supplies, toys, sports marketing, and more
  • Not only habitually generates award-winning work, but has taken emerging brands and turned them into household names

That’s a lot to celebrate, and what led us to refresh our agency brand identity to accurately capture the unique value we offer as an agency partner in helping clients attain their goals, build their brands and lead them to ‘Embrace What’s Possible.’ 

It’s about looking at the big picture and ‘under the hood’ of clients’ brands to help formulate strategy grounded in the reality of the market landscape and the mindset of the target audience.  It’s about helping brands cultivate vision, aspire for something more, to be disruptive, to build toward real, lasting brand equity.  It also takes commitment and desire to be more than just an agency, but a trusted partner ready to do whatever it takes to ensure success.

It’s what we do at IGNITE2X. It’s how we think, what we deliver, what makes us unique. Let’s talk and discover how together, we can help you and your brand to ‘Embrace What’s Possible.’ 


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