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Whether shopping at small, independent pet stores, grocery stores, leading big-box pet retailers, or on-line, surfing through the pet chews section can make pet parents feel a bit like a kid in a candy store, as well as a bit overwhelmed.  From beef to chicken flavored, from the immediately consumed to the long-lasting, and more, pet chews are typically purchased as a special reward for our pets.

Long-lasting dog chews, in particular, provide more than just an enjoyable treat but offer a solution for enhancing dogs’ emotional wellbeing, especially during periods of social isolation when pet separation anxiety may set in.  We also know that with the humanization of their pets, pet parents seek products that not only promote pet enjoyment but act to ensure holistic health and happiness.  Together, this spells opportunity for brands of long-lasting chews.  That said, ensuing is a collection of insights and strategies that marketers of these products can consider for helping to forge stronger relationships with dog owners, promote the wellbeing of pets, and drive more sales in the process.

“In really simple terms, separation anxiety is just the fear of being left alone and the unknown that follows. Animals live in the here and now… so when you leave, as far as they know, you could be gone forever.”

―   Dr. Nellie Goetz, veterinarian and Arizona state representative for the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association.

The Proof is in the Chew

As many dog owners can attest, leaving Fido home alone for short periods of time can result in negative forms of behavior due to things like boredom, stress, separation anxiety and more.  A recently conducted study explored the ability of both long-lasting chew toys and treat-dispensing devices to engage dogs and reduce undesirable behavior when placed in isolation.  The results showed dogs spent the most time interacting with the long-lasting chew toys and responded to them with the most positive and calm emotions vs. kibble placed in treat-dispensing toys or kibble inserted into smart treat-dispensing devices (with or without a recorded voice.)  While those conducting the study suggest more research be done to fully assess the value of long-lasting chews on improving pet emotional wellbeing (i.e., comparing dog responses to different types of long-lasting chews, conducting studies over longer periods of isolation, etc.), these initial results are promising and point to product benefits beyond just a tasty reward.

Marketing Tactics for Connecting with Pet Parents

There are a number of ways in which marketers of long-lasting chews can appeal to the emotions of pet parents and help better connect the value of their products with the enrichment of and overall emotional wellbeing of dogs. That said, here are some strategies to chew on:

Emotional Branding: Develop a brand identity that resonates with pet parents on an emotional level, using heartwarming imagery, storytelling, and messaging that highlight the joy and contentment experienced by dogs when enjoying long-lasting chews. Examples include:

  • Marketing campaigns that showcase the journey of a dog from boredom to excitement as it engages with the chew,
  • Testimonials from satisfied pet parents describing the positive impact of the product on their furry friends’ happiness

Tailored Messaging: Craft marketing messages that speak directly to pet parents’ desires to provide the very best for their dogs, highlighting and emphasizing the benefits of long-lasting chews, such as:

  • Source of comfort, entertainment, and mental stimulation during periods of social isolation, aid with anxiety reduction, help alleviate loneliness and boredom, and in turn, promote better overall emotional wellbeing of pets

Authentic Engagement: Foster genuine connections with pet parents through user-generated content and interactive campaigns, that:

  • Encourage sharing of their dogs’ experiences with long-lasting chews on social media platforms, creating a sense of community and trust around the brand
  • Drive engagement through tactics such as photo contests where pet parents can submit pictures or videos of their dogs enjoying the chews, with prizes awarded for the most heartwarming or creative entries

Educational Resources: Provide valuable information and resources to pet parents about the importance of mental stimulation and emotional enrichment for dogs, including:

  • Positioning long-lasting chews as an essential component of a comprehensive care routine
  • Development of blog posts and sharing of video tutorials that offer tips and advice on selecting the right chew for different dog breeds, ages, and preferences


Selling long-lasting dog chews to pet parents goes beyond simply marketing a product; it’s about appealing to their love for their pets and promoting the emotional wellbeing benefits that can materialize from their use.  By leveraging emotional branding, tailored messaging, authentic engagement, and educational resources, pet marketers can effectively connect with pet parents and demonstrate how long-lasting chews can elicit positive emotional states, provide enrichment during social isolation, and deliver elevated wellbeing for pets.  Moreover, through implementation of these strategies, pet marketers have the opportunity to not only drive sales, but to form stronger connections with pet parents, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of pets and their owners.

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