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YouTube, Pinterest, influencers, and even TikTok have helped an entire generation learn to become DIYers. But, while Do It Yourself (DIY) content is the perfect solution for learning how to create your own homemade face mask or for troubleshooting a pesky garbage disposal, there is a fine line between DIY projects and services that are better left to industry experts.

Take this scenario, for example. For over a decade I’ve spent every Christmas Eve frying turkey for a neighborhood party—but, you can be damn sure I have read (and reread!) all the directions and sought the advice of real experts before attempting it. I am proud of mastering this fairly simple technique, but under no circumstances do I think I could go head-to-head with a renowned chef. When it’s important, I rely on experts because they have a deep and fundamental understanding of their business. They know how to develop and follow a plan, and more importantly, they know if, when, and how to improvise. This is a good skill for uncertain times. Like these.

If we’re being honest, it can be overwhelming at times to think about how to stay current with everything in today’s environment, including the marketing world. It’s important to admit that nobody has all of the answers. Even more importantly, there is more value in knowing the right questions, and in getting on an aligned path forward, brainstorming ideas, collaborating, sharing collective expertise, and helping to identify the methods and tools that will deliver success now, and in the future. As a full-service agency, we are dedicated to this mission—and in doing it with you—not just for you.

With the crisis, we are tracking consumer sentiment and behaviors like never before to deliver deeper meaning and brand purpose at a time where it’s desperately needed. We’ve evaluated dozens of research reports and analytical reports on consumer sentiment, media usage, and shopping behavior.  Via our digital expertise, including content marketing, social media, and web performance, we are tracking the forced evolution of consumer habits and recommending new digital essentials to keep up with trends. We also see opportunities that remain in traditional channels that actually may be more effective today.

Some of our clients are still tiptoeing into the new environment; others are walking briskly, and a few have jumped in with both feet. Uncertainty can create inertia but for the nimble this is a moment to cut through the noise and determine the right path forward. In this important time of change for agencies and clients alike, and where finding opportunities requires action, it is time to renew our commitment and create new value with our collective expertise.